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Over the course of my 20+ years of practice, I have handled drug cases ranging from the relatively simple (possession of marijuana/cocaine/heroin/oxycodone/percocet) to extremely complex (multi-defendant drug manufacturing and/or distribution cases). Whether resolving the simple possession matters via summary offenses (typically involving a fine and no supervision), or by way of Diversionary/Treatment Courts, I am generally successful in resolving those cases in a manner so as to avoid my client sustaining the misdemeanor conviction and collateral consequence of a driver’s license suspension. It is important that the accused has an attorney well-aware of the direct and collateral consequences to these cases.

The complex cases often involve poring through volumes of “Discovery,” including police officers’ reports, surveillance of my client, and the use of confidential informants. These cases are sometimes fertile ground for “Suppression Hearings,” and litigating these suppression issues are one of my strengths as a criminal defense attorney. Cross-examination of police witnesses, often qualified as experts by the Courts, and cross-examination of cooperating witnesses and informants is also typically involved. Cross is a developed skill for any attorney, and one which I am well-equipped to handle for my client.

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