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Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Allegations of sexual abuse are obviously very delicate and emotional cases. The adept defense attorney must always keep in mind who their audience is: the fact-finder, be it a judge or jury. Cross-examination of the alleged victim must be handled carefully. Impeachment of the victim (i.e. questioning their credibility through inconsistent evidence or prior statements) should be effectuated in a precise manner. Again, this is a skill developed over time, and one which I have spent 20+ years acquiring.

Computer and other electronic communication devices crimes

Cell phones and computers have lent themselves to allegations of illicit use. A darling of prosecutors is “Criminal Use of a Communication Facility” which finds its way frequently into drug cases (i.e. cell phone used to arrange alleged deal) and other types of cases as well. As the charge is a felony, it is not to be taken lightly. Illicit pornography is frequently investigated by specialized law enforcement officers tracking it being downloaded and shared through computer networks. These cases often lend themselves to the retention of computer forensic witnesses in order to contest what are sometimes circumstantial cases as it concerns proving whether the client is the actual perpetrator.

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